Spring planting trees or autumn, what to choose for the site?

Tree planting time

There is a widespread view that the optimal time for planting trees is the end of winter or early spring. But, if for some reason you do not like it, wait until the fall. Summer and winter months - not the most suitable period, because actively growing plants are too sensitive to temperature changes, they are contraindicated both heat and frost.
Planting trees is recommended when they are sleeping( there is no sap flow), because at this time the transplant is the least damaging. In the Northern Hemisphere, they begin to enter the resting phase at a certain point in the autumn and leave it in the spring, the specific time depends on the climatic characteristics of the terrain and plant species. For example, if you plan not only fruit, but also ornamental plants on the site - a hedge of fir or tui - then the suitable period is significantly extended.

  • Deciduous tree planting time.

It can be said that the best time for planting hardwood is obvious. When the leaves fall

in autumn, this indicates that they enter a state of rest. The appearance of the buds in the spring marks the awakening of plants. Therefore, it will be most effective to plant deciduous trees in autumn or spring.

  • When to Plant Evergreen Trees?

In this case there is a great freedom of choice, it is possible to plant evergreen plants at any warm time, with the exception of the heat. If in your region is still very hot at the end of September - postpone landing for later, for later autumn or warm winter. In addition, if in early June, too, is already sultry - it is better to plant evergreens at the very beginning of spring!

The timing of tree planting in autumn and spring will be discussed in more detail below.

Spring planting of fruit trees and early soil preparation

It is obvious that spring is the best time for planting fruit trees and shrubs. When the snow comes down and the soil dries a little, and the optimum moment comes. But planting trees in the spring should be planned and prepared in the fall.

To obtain high and early crops, it is necessary to dig holes in advance( in six months or a year) and prepare fertile soil in the place that will satisfy the conditions of growth of the selected plant variety. To do this, in a planned place, remove a square layer of earth( with a side from 1 to 2 m) with a depth of about one meter. In the formed pit lay old leaves, trimmed branches, plant tops, compost and so on. The top is covered with earth and left to rot. So, at the right time you can quickly plant seedlings on excellent soil. In addition, the plants here are well sucked. And if you properly spend the spring planting of trees and abundantly pour them, very soon you will receive a plentiful harvest.

Planting trees in autumn

Planting trees in autumn has its advantages. Some gardeners argue that the trees that blossom in the spring should be planted in the fall, and those whose flowering period falls at the end of summer - in the spring. It turns out that for the usual garden trees planting in the fall is preferable.

This time is also attractive because there is no need to hurry too much, for fear of bud budding. But there is no need to wait too long, because the seedlings need to take root until the ground is frozen. It is better that the landing in the middle of October has already been completed.

And, of course, do not forget about the correct location and timely preparation of the soil. The autumn is still fresh in memory, as light and shadow spread on your site, and it will be easier to choose the right place for an apple or plum in view of their needs for the amount of sunlight.

Observe the calendar and rules for planting trees

Slavs have always used the lunar calendar for planting trees and shrubs. And even today scientists have already proved that the phase of the Moon and its stay in the signs of the Zodiac have a different effect on the growth and development of plants. Therefore, it is not superfluous to check with the lunar calendar for the current year and to choose the optimal date for planting the proposed plant species, given the norms of planting trees.
Time here undoubtedly plays a big role, but more importantly, how you plant and pour trees. We repeat, intense heat is the main enemy for fragile seedlings. And the lack of water necessary for the root system at any time of the year is fraught with the loss of a young plant. And although we can not think of winter as a dry season, because there is snow everywhere - remember that the moisture from the snow does not reach the roots until the snow melts and the earth does not recede. Thus, in a cold climate, winter creates a desert. That is why the correct watering of trees is very important, no matter what time you choose for the transplant - autumn, the end of winter or the beginning of spring. And in the very hot first summer at the new place, the organization of drip irrigation for each seedling is also recommended.

Take care of the young tree at the beginning of its life on your lot, and it will repay a lot of tasty fruits and a rich harvest.