We make garden paths from wood sprees and boardwalks

How to get neat garden paths from wood sprees?

A tree that has dried up or collapsed because of decayed roots usually goes to the furnace, although other uses can be found. For example, you are going to finally dress the garden paths, but you are experiencing an acute shortage of funds and you can not afford the tiles yourself. But is it hard to pile a tree's stingray and thick branches onto dies as thick as a palm placed on an edge? With a small amount of time and effort, you will have an excellent path from the spits of the tree. However, it's just impossible to lay wood on the ground, after a year, under the influence of dampness, it will turn into dust.

We need to do everything to ensure that the decorative material for the paving served as long as possible, and for this you need only linseed oil and the simplest styling technique. Since we make garden paths from the spits of a tree not for one year, it is necessary to somehow protect the wood from rot. To do this, we pour oil into an unn

ecessary container, put it on the fire and bring it to a boil. Next, take the brush and carefully cover all the plates with hot linseed oil, especially paying attention to the cracks. Then begin the preparation of the base of the path.

It is advisable to lay buried drainage in this place. But even for lack of such, you can find the optimal solution, for example, after marking out the soil to the depth of the bayonet bayonet, lay polyethylene or roofing material in the resulting ditch, and pellet with sand mixed with gravel. We are typing. Get a good quality waterproofing, it remains only to tread. Krugljashi we put first big, from trunks, and in intervals we put down spilas of thick branches. It is better to crush the wood lightly into the base, after finishing the paving with sand at all intervals, sand, and to fill every gap with it - lightly pour water.

Garden walkway made of wood - we use beams and boards

Sawn timber come in different qualities, including completely junk. They are usually trying to sell, mixing with first-class ones, however, when the marriage is still being eliminated, they are sold at a fairly low price. That's them, and can be laid out your garden path of wood. If you choose a bar for this purpose, then as a result you will get a tightly packed flooring. The base must be exactly the same as for the saws, the preparation of the wood is also no different. Another only way of laying.

You need to cut the bars of the same length and put them close, and along the edges of the formed track you need to install curbs so that the paving does not part. When preparing the base for laying the path, do not forget to make it in the center higher than the edges, so that the rainwater flows freely. On either side of the cover, it is possible to plow the gutter channels. The construction of boarded walkways is a bit more complicated, that's how your board will look like. As the basis we use either an array of thickness more than 3 centimeters, or a bar.

Since the tree will simply lie on a cushion prepared for him from sand and gravel, poured into a shallow trench( the depth of the bayonet bayonet), then soak it in a pre-prepared composition.

For protection from dampness, a mixture of diesel fuel and used engine oil is best suited. The first well impregnates wood, and the second does not pass moisture, having got along with дизтопливом deep into fibers. Now we construct a supporting horizontal skeleton, and from above we fasten the boards covered with linseed oil. We prepare the finished wooden garden paths from the boards with sealant.

Wooden walkways in the country house - simple solutions

If you need good, even if not very beautiful, wooden paths in the country, there is nothing easier, even no special work is needed. For starters, let's remember what a brick is. Yes, it is, the way to the flooring from the boards lies on the bricks. Or rather, the construction site, where these bricks are brought on special pallets. So they need us.

Somewhere they can give you to you just like that, there will be less construction debris, they will sell somewhere for a symbolic price, in any case, no significant expenses are expected. Now we simply transport the pallets to the site and put them in a row, covering them with a drying oil and then using a mixture of used engine oil and diesel fuel. The tracks are ready. You can somewhat complicate the task, if you want also to bring beauty. For this, we disassemble the pallets and construct the bridges as described above.

However, since this is a rather laborious option, we make everything simpler. We lay two parallel lags along the entire length of the sand-gravel cushion made for the path. At regular intervals, we cut the crossbeams into the cuts prepared for this. On top of prikolochivayem boards, you can across - on the logs, you can along - along the cross bars. We cover from the top with a sealant, and the flooring is ready, you can even walk barefoot.