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Garden chopper what to choose

Any owner of a garden plot or a private house necessarily faced, to one extent or another, with the problem of recycling vegetable waste. Especially this issue is exacerbated with the beginning of spring works and at the end of the season, in the fall. We have to devise all sorts of ways to get rid of the accumulated cut branches, dry grass and leaves, from dead shrubs and the remaining leaves, etc.

Garden chopper what to choose

Garden shredder what to choose

To help solve this set of problems, and even get a tangible benefit from this, a special type of garden equipment will help, namely a garden chopper. Not so long ago about such a useful unit few people heard, and today it becomes, often, an indispensable assistant gardener-gardener. True, a technique of this type is a novelty for most, and many do not even know what opportunities it has and from which side to approach it when choosing it. We will help our readers - the article about garden shredder what to choose, what to pay special attention to, what are the basic

rules to adhere to during operation.

What is the garden shredder


  • 1 article What is the garden shredder
  • 2 How is the garden shredder
    • 2.1 Schematic diagram of the device garden shredder
    • 2.2 Powerplant
    • 2.3 shredding mechanism of a garden shredder
  • 3 Criteria for selection of garden shredders
    • 3.1 power unitand recycling possibilities
    • 3.2 Additional selection criteria for chopper
  • 4 Brief overview of garden models chopLei
  • 5 Video: several recommendations for choosing a garden shredder

In any farm that has a garden or a garden, a lot of different vegetable waste inevitably accumulates. Beginning with early spring, with the cleaning of the territory, pruning of trees, shrubs or grapevine, the yard or the useful area of ​​the plot begins to be cluttered with heaps, which sometimes becomes a very difficult task to get rid of. In the summer, weeding will be added during the period of mass growth of weed, cutting of bushes, removal of parasitic shoots, collection of fruit fallen from trees, etc. In the autumn - it is not easier at all, because care of trees and bushes, cleaning of the tops from vegetable beds and fallen leaves, and much more is on the agenda again.

Such deposits and the appearance of the site spoil, and interfere with the work on it

Such deposits and the appearance of the site spoil, and interfere with the work on it

Typically, such heaps of waste vegetation are extremely noncompact, take up a lot of space, very difficult to load and transport, and their appearance spoil the cozy site. What to do with them?

Large branches can still be sawed for firewood. To some extent part of the problem is solved by the presence of a compost pit, but it is extremely disadvantageous to lay large fragments in it, as the pit will quickly overflow, and dense branches will decompose very long.

It is quite expensive to export such garbage mountains, as renting vehicles, loading waste, and exporting all costs a lot of money.

It would seem, the simplest way out is to burn. But here is not all so clear:

  • First, this is not quite a simple event in terms of fire safety.
  • Secondly, in many regions, especially in the city, legislation prohibits categorical prohibitions on burning plant waste, and you can run into big trouble.
  • And in the third - this is absolutely meaningless, unjustified event. Any plant feeds on "vital juices" from the earth, taking from it substances necessary for growth and development. It turns out that the burning of plant waste is the purposeful destruction of the most valuable biological product, and ultimately the nemerous depletion of fertile soil on the site. Is it better, instead of buying some fertilizers on the side, to use available reserves?

All this "baggage" of problems is solved by purchasing one garden plant - chopper( often there are foreign synonyms - garden shredder or chipper).This unit is able to quickly grind out the overall plant waste into a shallow mass, with the disposal of which no special problems will arise.

To understand with what to put crushed waste - it is much easier

To understand what to do with shredded waste - much simpler

  • Such shredded waste will no longer clutter the compost pits, and the process of their biological decay will be much faster.
  • Crushed wood becomes an excellent mulching material and good fertilizer.
  • It's even easier to take waste from your territory in a shredded form. They can be tamped into bags and loaded into the trunk of your own car.
  • Wood chips can even be used in the form of fuel - in particular, it is processed into pellets.

2016-04-14_233511 Convenient kind of heating oil - pellets

This granular fuel is produced from plant waste of various types. Under certain conditions, it is possible to manufacture equipment and master home-made pellet production with their own hands - about this in a special publication of our portal.

Thus, the advantages of such an aggregate - a great many, and it is increasingly possible to see in the "arsenal" of diligent owners.

How the garden shredder

is designed. Schematic diagram of the device of the garden shredder

Despite the wide variety of models of garden shredders, differing in size and operational capabilities, they are all assembled in approximately one basic scheme, somewhat reminiscent of the device of a food processor.

The variety of models is large, but the concept of the device is roughly the same

The variety of models is large, but the circuit of the device is approximately the same

  • It is a rugged case made of metal, polymer or a combination thereof. The body can be mounted on a frame, which is often equipped with a wheel drive - for easy transportation of the unit through the site.
  • Operation of the shredder is provided by the operation of the power drive - it can be an electric motor or an internal combustion engine.
  • The drive through power transmission is connected to a cutting( grinding) mechanism of one type or another.
  • At the top of the chopper, there is always a loading hopper, usually with a funnel-like extension for easy planting of waste for milling.
  • The milled mass can enter the receiving hopper, into a soft container( sack), or be dropped onto the ground. Some powerful models are equipped with spreaders with the ability to adjust the height and direction of distribution of crushed waste.

Power plant

Garden shredders can be equipped with either an electric drive or an internal combustion engine. Each of the options has its own "pros and cons".

  • The electric drive is more typical of small household units of small and medium power, up to 2.6 kW.Such shredders are quite capable of coping with the moderate amounts of waste from an ordinary garden plot.
Small garden chopper with electric drive

Small garden shredder with electric drive

They usually do not differ in size and weight, so they easily move to the place of work. Their maintenance is minimized, training in operation, start-up and management does not require any special skills.

At the same time, their "attachment" to the power grid can be an inconvenience. For example, in a countryside area of ​​a large area, a long cable will be required, which is not always convenient, and sometimes simply impossible, because of the banal lack of a connection point. There are certain limitations in the work and the weather criterion - just for reasons of electrical safety.

  • Units with a gasoline drive attract their own autonomy - they can be used in any "field" conditions.
Garden chopper with gasoline engine.

Garden shredder with gasoline engine.

As a rule, they are equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine. Such shredders can already perform more extensive work, recycle large enough plant waste, down to the trunks of small trees.

The operation of the gasoline engine will already require the owners of certain handling skills. So, for refueling it is necessary to prepare a fuel mixture, it is necessary to regularly check the state of the candles, gasoline and air filters, and carry out preventive works. However, the technology of this class does not put too complicated ICE, and all this can be quickly learned.

  • Diesel engines are usually put on a professional purpose vehicle. Such drives are able to work for a long time without pauses, well keep a small speed, do not require a complex ignition system.
Powerful garden shredder with diesel engine

Powerful garden shredder with diesel engine

But in the domestic conditions, such shredders are practically not found, simply because of their high cost, large size and complexity with self-transportation throughout the site.

However, the type of drive is not always the determining factor in the question of the "professionality" of the chopper. So, you can buy a compact household model with a petrol two-stroke engine, and at the same time there are stationary or mobile installations of the pro class, equipped with a powerful three-phase electric motor.

Powerful chopper with three-phase electric drive

Powerful chopper with three-phase electric drive

Shredding mechanism of the garden shredder

The torque from the power drive is transmitted to the working tool - the cutting or grinding mechanism of the shredder. And it, in turn, can be arranged differently. So, three main types are divided:

  • The blade mechanism is usually a disk with radially positioned knives made of tool steel. Rapid rotation of the blade with blades provides cutting of the plant waste to small fragments.
Scheme of the shredder with a knife mechanism

Scheme of the shredder with a knife mechanism

Advantages of this scheme - its simplicity, low price, ease of maintenance. Well-honed knives can process foliage, grass, stems of bushes and annual plants, usually up to 20-25 mm thick. The mechanism of this type perfectly copes with freshly cut branches and branches, but when processing hard, dried up vegetable waste, blades can become blunted( even a large fruit seed, for example, from a plum or peach) can cause a problem. In some grinders, knives of a special configuration having several blades, located at an angle. The upper knife cuts the fed branches into smaller fragments, and the lower one already provides the final grinding.

Cutting mechanism with two pairs of knives of different configurations.

Cutting mechanism with two pairs of blades of different configurations.

For the knife-type mechanism, forced feeding of material for processing is required - it will not "tighten" the branches into itself. For this, special pushers are used.

In service such shredders are the simplest, that is, removing the knife for sharpening or replacing with a new one is usually a very simple procedure. Most household appliances have such a mechanism.

  • For the processing of solid, dried branches of trunks it is better to use a chopper, which is equipped with a milling mechanism. On the working shaft there is a milling cutter - pinion made of high-strength alloy, with a certain configuration of teeth and their corresponding sharpening. Big turns such a milling cutter are not needed, hence, a gear reduction gear is envisaged.
Gear-milling cutter can cope with solid wood waste

Gear wheel is able to cope with solid wood waste

The teeth of the rotating cutter are able to "crack" sober wood of dry branches and trunks, turning them into small chips. But with freshly cut branches and shoots, this mechanism does not always manage - the fibrous structure is "chewed", but it can not completely mellow.

The cutter does not need to be in the singular - on one shaft there can be several, with a certain angular "takeoff" position of the teeth. And on the powerful installations of the professional class, there is often a two-rotor grinding mechanism, where two rows of mills rotate in the opposite direction, ensuring crushing even the hardest wood waste.

Two-rotor chopper grinds even the hardest waste

Two-rotor chopper grinds even the hardest waste

The convenience of the milling mechanism of grinding is also in the fact that it is enough for him to grab a long branch or trunk - then the gear simply drags it inside while splitting it into small pieces.

  • The advantages of both of the above cutting mechanisms combine a universal-type chopper. In fact - this is also a milling cutter, but of a turbine type - instead of teeth it is equipped with carbide blade blades located at an angle to the longitudinal axis.
Cutting mechanism of universal type

The cutting mechanism of the universal type

This structure of the cutting mechanism makes it possible to successfully grind both freshly cut and old, dried waste. True, garden shredders of this type are already much more expensive.

  • Some models of medium and high power are equipped with auger, screw shredder.
Scheme of the grinder with a screw cutting mechanism.

Scheme of the grinder with a screw cutter.

Rotating screw with sharp spiral turns perfectly copes with any type of plant waste - it all depends on the power of the plant itself.

Criteria for choosing a garden shredder

Unit power and recycling capabilities

These two concepts, rendered in a sub-title, have a direct connection. From the power drive power in the first place will depend on the functionality of the chopper as a whole.

There is no clear gradation of all the diversity of such technology, but there is a conditional division into three groups - the household, middle, semi-professional, and, finally, professional purpose devices.

To better understand the criteria of such a subdivision, it is better to present them in the form of a table:

Category of shredders Power and type of drive Limiting diameter of grindable branches "Weight category" Application areas and features
Household up to 1.5 kW, electric drive up to 25 mm Up to 20 kg Small suburban or adjacent areas, mainly with young trees.
Short cycle of continuous operation.
As a rule - knife mechanism.
up to 3 kW, electric drive or two-stroke ICE up to 40 mm up to 40-50 kg Average households or suburban areas with orchard, bushes, old trees requiring regular pruning.
Cope with any type of "green" and dried waste in the specified size range.
Are capable of a long enough non-stop operation
Professional from 5 to 9 kW, gasoline or diesel drive, three-phase electric motor 60-80 mm up to 100 kg and above Disposal of waste in forest park facilities, industrial plants, large farms,in public services, etc.
Designed for long cycles of work during work shifts.

Naturally, as the capacity and productivity of the garden shredder increases, so does its price. Therefore, before the purchase of equipment, it is necessary to carefully weigh the planned volume of forthcoming works, the characteristics of the waste to be recycled, the frequency of using the shredder and other parameters. It will be insulting if the purchased shredder either does not cope with the load imposed on it, or its capacity, for which a lot of money is paid, will remain simply unclaimed.

In addition, the more powerful and productive the chopper, the larger and heavier it is. From this point of view, an adequate assessment is also needed - how much will it be possible to move around the site, especially on the ground.

Additional selection criteria for

shredder There are a number of important details that require attention when choosing a suitable model:

  • Convenience of the receiving hopper. It can be placed vertically or at a certain angle. In some models, it is possible to change the position of the receiving funnel. For the knife shredder, the pusher must be included in the kit: pushing branches or foliage with hands is extremely dangerous. Receiving hopper hopper with a pusher. The guiding ribs of the

are clearly visible on many models. On many models, the receiving hole can have a pronounced slit or cross-shaped shape, or be equipped with guiding ribs - these "tricks greatly facilitate the feeding for processing of loose branches.

Garden shredder with the possibility of differentiated supply of various types of plant waste

Garden shredder with the possibility of differentiated supply of different types of plant waste

Models of medium and professional class, in addition, can have two receiving hoppers - each for its type of waste. For example, the supplied soft waste falls on the knife grinding, and the hard branches - for crushing with a milling cutter.

  • Assembling the recycled material can be carried out in a rigid hopper, usually included in the shredder kit. In this case, of course, it is more convenient when the hopper is made of strong translucent plastic - it is easier to control the level of its filling.
Shredders with conventional and semi-transparent bins for recycled mass

Shredders with conventional and semi-transparent bins for recycled mass

In other models, removable bags can be used as receptacles on the outlet neck. By the way, on forums you can meet critical comments of users - bags sometimes break out at high speed with sharp fragments of crushed wood.

There may not be any collection at all - the exit throat is located at a certain height. Allowing to substitute, for example, a basket. It is often practiced to eject crushed waste directly into the soil of the site. In this case, the models with the ability to adjust the direction and height of the ejection will be particularly convenient.


One of the most popular models among all garden shredders.
Electric motor with a power of 2.5 kW.
Universal cutting device "Turbine-Cut" allows you to process any plant material.
Productivity - up to 230 kg / hour.
Thickness of trunks - up to 45 mm.
Equipped with a collection of recycled waste, with a capacity of 53 liters.
Convenient wheel-travel and handle for transport around the site.
The weight of the chopper is 30.5 kg.
One of the main authorities in the field of production of garden equipment is "VIKING".
The presented model is characterized by a powerful electric motor - 2,5 kW.
Thickness of processed branches - up to 35 mm.
Knife system "Multi-Cut 150" with a two-level Z-shaped arrangement of blades.
Reliable system of emergency interlocks.
Comfortable wheel drive, stable working position.
The height in the assembled form is 1440 mm.
Weight - 25 kg
Garden shredder with a powerful electric motor - 2,1 kW.
Low noise in operation.
Frame and body - metal, providing high strength.
Comfortable wide wheels for moving around the site.
Wide feed hopper of the hopper.
Two pairs of knives - straight and side.
The thickness of the processed branches is up to 40 mm.
The bunker is not available.
Weight - 35 kg.
Affordable price and excellent performance characteristics are the reasons why this chopper is at the top of the rating.
Electric drive with a power of 2.8 kW.
Built-in bunker for collection of recycled waste with a capacity of 50 liters.
The maximum diameter of the branches is 42 mm.
Cutting unit - knife, additionally equipped with a roller pulling mechanism.
Chopper mass - 25 kg.
Reliable, compact and inexpensive unit, able to cope with large volumes of waste processing.
Electric drive - 2,5 kW.
Cutting system - several knives, combined in rollers( milling cutters) for high-quality wood crushing.
For operation, the high speed of the cutting mechanism is not required, therefore the chopper has a low noise level.
The maximum diameter of the branches is 40 mm.
The weight of the device is 24.5 kg.
13000 ÷ 14000
Petrol garden shredder equipped with a four-stroke engine of 3.3 kW.
Is capable of processing branches up to 45 mm thick.
Cutting system - "Multi-Cut 370", with straight and reversible knives and a cutting turbo.
Convenient neck for material feeding( can be in two versions - vertical and inclined).
Automatic feed mechanism for cutting material.
The height is 1400 mm.
Weight - 43 kg.
Petrol garden shredder of increased functionality.
Powerful engine - 5.5 kW.
Combined grinding system - rotating cutting knives plus 12 threshing cutters.
Processing of trunks up to 75 mm in diameter is provided.
Material auto-stretching system.
Two filling necks - for thick branches and for fine and small vegetable debris.
Possibility of lowering the loading tray to the ground level for direct garbage collection by rakes.
Robust frame with comfortable wheel travel.
Weight - 75 kg.
from 70000
Model name, illustration Brief description of model Approximate price level, rubles
  • Some models of grinders have a built-in mechanism for auto-feeding waste onto the cutting device. It is enough simply to lower the branches into the receiving funnel, and then the mechanism will do everything by itself. Unconditional convenience.
  • Modern garden shredders often have the ability to adjust the speed of rotation of cutting machines - can be adjusted to a specific type of recyclable material. Moreover, "advanced" models also have a number of laid-down reprocessing programs( for example, raw wood, grass, dry branches, stone fruits, etc.).
  • Excellent, if the reverse function is provided. This often helps to avoid jamming the chopper, if, for example, a too strong strong branch has been fed. By inserting the cutting mechanism on the reverse, it will be easier to get it.
  • For safety of operation, the electric models must have the function of protection against accidental starting, as well as protection against self-starting after an emergency power failure. It must be provided that the motor power supply is blocked when the upper shroud housing is open.
  • It is important to assess the level of noise and vibration emitted by the chopper - many modern models have special noise reduction systems. This, of course, applies more to vehicles with a gasoline engine.
  • Very good, if the kit includes spare cutting tools, or the store can offer to purchase it separately. This removes a number of problems with the inevitable, one way or another, blunt knives. By the way, you can pay attention to the fact that some manufacturers complete their products with double-sided knives. As the severity of the blades is lost, they can simply be turned by the reverse side - the total duration of work before the trip to the master-sharpener or until the purchase of new equipment is doubled.

On the features of the choice of models with petrol engines, we will not dwell here. The subtleties of the choice of garden technology with ICE - two-stroke and four-stroke schemes, start-up systems, lubrication, the procedure for preparing a fuel mixture, etc., are given enough attention in another article of this site.

2016-04-15_203809 Motorcycles - reliable assistants on the country side of the

On how to correctly select the petrol trimmer - the engine - read the special publication of our portal.

Overview of models of garden shredders

The variety of models of garden shredders is very high, and this sometimes even prevents you from correctly determining the optimal model. The technique of this class can not be called too cheap, therefore, money should be given only for high-quality products.

The fact is that the market has a great variety of different techniques of completely unknown manufacturers, disguised as sonorous European or Russian names. The overwhelming majority of such samples are semi-underground Chinese manufactures in the negative sense of the word( many on sale and really high-quality equipment from China).The peculiarity of shredders is that the efficiency of their work depends not only on the drive, but also on the quality of the cutting equipment. But in this matter, the manufacturer's dishonesty is often manifested - knives or cutters are made from externally beautiful and shiny steel, at first they are sharp, but literally after a few approach they are stupid, and they are not subject to qualitative sharpening.

And if you add to this the fact that the cutting equipment is not interchangeable, it is not far from the situation when the recently acquired device will stand idle for a long time simply because of its "incompetence".

So, if you buy a garden shredder, then the choice of honeycomb make in favor of proven models of well-known companies. These include Viking, AL-KO, Black & Decker, Gardena, Bosch. Very good reviews deserved the garden technique of Russian-Chinese production "Elitech" and "Zubr".Traditionally, the aggregates of the companies "Craftsman", "Makita", "MTD", "Oleo-Mac" are in high demand.

The table below shows several models that, based on the results of conducted surveys and sales analyzes, top the list of popular garden shredders:

The author of the publication expresses the hope that this information will help the interested reader to make a really correct choice of the optimal model of garden shredder.

Video: several recommendations for choosing a garden shredder