How to remove greasy stains on the door

How to wash the stains from the doors: painted surface

How to remove stains on doors: metal surface

The stain of grease with a painted door is easy to clean. It is necessary to act, depending on how long the pollution is. Fresh stains are wiped with hot water with the addition of a dishwashing detergent. And if, we are talking about an already old spot, then vinegar is needed. To remove the stain, it should be wiped with cotton wool soaked in vinegar and let it completely absorb. Then wash the surface with detergents and a soft cloth.

How to remove stains on doors: metal surface

How to remove stains on doors: metal surface

To remove grease from metal surfaces, they must be wiped with acetone or White Spirit, which can be found at home or in the nearest construction supermarket. Good results are shown by cleaning the contaminants with a tool with abrasive particles used in the household, for example, a cleaning powder for the kitchen.

How to remove grease stains on doors: unpainted

The stains from the wooden unpainted door are removed wit

h a mixture of clay and vinegar, which is mixed until smooth and applied to soiling. After the mixture has completely dried, it is washed off with warm water.

How to remove grease stains from interior doors with a polished surface

How to remove greasy stains from interior doors with a polished surface

To remove dirt from a polished door, it must be treated with talc. If it was not available, the raw potatoes, cut in half, will do. The door, processed with talc or potatoes, is left for 15-20 minutes, after which it is wiped with a damp rag.

If after such a treatment on the surface of a divorce, you can polish the door with flour and a soft rag, pre-moistened with a small amount of sunflower oil.

How to remove stains from doors covered with varnish

How to remove stains from doors covered with varnish

If a large number of greasy stains and scuffs appear on the interior door, varnished, then the door must be re-opened with a varnish in order to restore it to its original appearance. It is not difficult to do this.

The first step is to remove the door from the hinges and put it on a previously prepared flat surface. After the door is already laid, you need to remove all handles, hinges and bolts.

Having done the previous steps, you can safely move on to removing the old lacquer coating. You can do it in several ways:

  1. Special tool for removing varnish from wood( washing);
  2. Mechanical method;
  3. Heat treatment.

The simplest is the first method with the use of a special wash. It is recommended to carry out the work in 4 stages:

  1. Apply a brush to the surface with a brush. Do this carefully, brushing in the same direction.
  2. Creation of a compress. To enhance the effect of washing, the surface should be wrapped in a film. And leave in this state until the wash does not acquire a brown or dark brown color, usually this process takes from 40 minutes to 4 hours.
  3. Removal of varnish. Do this, depending on the thickness of the layer of varnish or spatula, or emery paper.
  4. Neutralization of the wash. After the work on the removal of varnish is completed, its remains should be washed off with water and vinegar.

When the door is cleaned of old varnish, and consequently from all fatty contamination, it must be sanded with sandpaper. And brush clean all the dust and debris.

How to remove stains from doors covered with varnish

This completes the preparation of the door to the coating with varnish. You can apply a wide brush to the varnish on the door. Do this evenly and in the same direction. And depending on the required tone, the layers can be applied from 1 to 3.