How to install glass with your hands: video

Preliminary stage

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Window frames with double-glazed windows have long become an integral part of the exterior of not only urban high-rise buildings, but also country houses and even cottages in gardening. Advantages of these structures in any design( PVC, metal, wooden) are obvious: good heat and sound insulation, tightness, easy maintenance and installation. It is the latter quality that pushes the most active citizens to install glass units with their own hands, since there are good instructions for their installation and repair.

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  1. Selection of material and design of .Here you can completely rely on friends' advice, your preferences and the first advertising that has come up. All models on the market comply with GOST 30921-02, have been tested and tested in business. Recall that the product can be completed with a regular fixing fixture or fixed through a frame.
  2. Determining the size of the .Doing measurements of the double-glazed unit( meaning a prefabricated construct
    ion with packages) is not recommended by your own hands: even if you plan to install it yourself, the testers of the manufacturer will do it more professionally. No one compensates you for the consequences of your mistakes after signing a contract.
  3. Preparation of tools for .For certain you will need: an electric drill( perforator), an electric jigsaw, a rubber mallet, a hammer, a mounting, a level and a knife. From consumables: dowel - self-tapping screws, mounting foam. When and why they should be taken in hand when installing the insulating glass, you can learn from the video at the end of the article and our comments.
  4. Ordering and waiting for the finished product.

Warning: Only after receiving the product in full configuration it makes sense to start further actions.

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Preparatory work for

  • Before installing the insulating glass unit and starting the installation work, you have to dismantle the old window unit with your own hands, as shown in the video. Wooden box : the doors are first removed, then a box is broken off with the help of the notches along the perimeter and the mount. The old double-glazed unit, to be replaced or repaired: is retrieved in sequence in the reverse order of installation.
  • Clearing and preparation of the window opening. First, the window sill and the ebb are removed;remove the remnants of insulation, mounting foam. All irregularities in the installation areas are cleaned, the surfaces are treated with a primer to increase the adhesion of the sealant.
  • Select the type of attachment. On this account, there are clear recommendations for all types of building materials, so before you begin installing the glass unit with your own hands, read the video instruction and choose the correct fasteners. For example, for concrete dowel penetration should be 40 mm.
  • Preparation of the frame. Sweeping transoms are simply removed from the hinges, but the double-glazed windows from the blind sections will have to be removed. The process requires accuracy, because it is not easy to extract and not spoil short glazing beads without proper skills. After removing the rims, the frame without the double-glazed windows is ready for installation.


Assembling a double-glazed window in a window opening

The decisive stage of installing a double-glazed window with our own hands is presented in detail in the video, we need only comment on some important details.

  1. Marking and drilling of holes in the body of the strapping should be carried out according to a proven scheme( for a white frame profile of at least 700, laminated - 600 mm) with the use of a quality power tool and a drill.
  2. The depth of the mounting holes must correspond to the material of the overlappings, the diameter to the fasteners of the fasteners.
  3. Fastening PSUL( pre-compressed self-adhesive tape) is necessary to improve the hydro- and heat-insulating properties of window clearances and the whole block as a whole.
  4. Additional protection of the opening in the area of ​​convective heat transfer from humidity provides a hydroparoproduction, the preliminary fixing of which is carried out before the seams are sealed with a mounting tape.
  5. Pads( gaskets) for installation of a frame of a double-glazed window can be made by own hands or to look for in ready-made construction shops.
  6. Work with mounting foam before filling the voids is better to rehearse in advance or produce it in several stages as the joints fill. The formation of bubbles or incomplete heat insulation can significantly affect the performance characteristics of the new window.

Look, learn, go ahead, start editing and you will succeed!

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